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Rocco Mammoliti - Director-General

Rocco Mammoliti - GCSEC Director GeneralRocco Mammoliti holds a Degree in Electronic Engineering and a Master's Degree in Security from the CASD (Ministry of Defense - Centre for High Studies).

He has several years of experience in scientific research activities within the field of Information Security, Engineering and Biomedicine at CNR (Italian National Research Council).
He has co-authored several scientific papers on topics related to Nonlinear Time Series Modeling, Multivariate Statistical Data Analysis, Information Security, Cryptography and Data Hiding.

He has worked for companies in the field of IT and TLC industries such as Ericsson, Bull, IT Telecom and Telecom Italia, where he held various positions of responsibility, such as IT Security Manager and Information Security Manager. His main areas of activities are network & information security,creation and management of SOCs, abuse & cybercrime prevention, NTD (Notice and Take Down) and COP (Child Online Protection).

He participated in several working groups at ITU and GSMA and he holds membership in several professional associations including the IEEE and the IEEE Computer Society. He is currently Chief Information Security Officer in the Security and Safety Department of Poste Italiane and he’s in charge of the Cybersecurity District and of Poste Italiane's CERT.