Corriere delle - 'Rigoni: Serve una strategia nazionale' Il Dg del Global Cyber Security Center plaude al varo del Dpcm sulla sicurezza informatica, ma avverte: "Pubblico e privato collaborino". Corriere delle - 08 April, 2013 -...
Corriere delle - 'Rigoni: IT security, l'Italia sia protagonista in Europa' Il dg Global Cyber Security Center: "Le proposte Ue sulla sicurezza informatica puntano a un coordinamento sovranazionale. Un tema cruciale su cui il nostro Paese può ritagliarsi un ruolo...

Angelo Migliorisi - Communication & P.R.

Angelo has a M.S. in Law from University of Milan and specialized in Marketing at SDA Bocconi, Milan

He worked as Account in Advertising and Sales Promotions agencies, especially in the Hi-Tech sector (IBM client in Ogilvy & Mather); in 1997 he started to work on Web Communication.

From 2000 to 2004 he worked in TLC communication at Atlanet, joint venture with Acea, Fiat and Telefonica both on advertising and web communication.

In 2004 Angelo joined Poste Italiane and worked for the communication aspects on the corporate Intranet; in 2005 he was in Poste Advertising Department - Brand Management as Advertising Senior Professional; in 2010 he became Brand Manager of Poste Italiane.

In January 2011 Angelo joined GCSEC where he handles Communication & P.R.