Education & Training

GCSEC will organize and provide training activities for an international audience of professionals. Moreover, it will organize and provide educational activities to build and sharpen the security skills of the community of professionals and academics.
The Center will host a Master of Science in Information Security in collaboration with the Royal Holloway University of London, one of the most prestigious University in the information security field.
Courses will be hosted to obtain certification (e.g. BSI, ISACA, ASIS, etc.) and will cover 3 main areas.
The Management area will teach, for example, how to set the cyber security vision, strategy and goals and how to build governance and policy of security understanding the economic aspects of information security.
The Technical area will teach, for example, how to implement security requirements; how to test security functionality; how to handle incidents and how to accommodate law enforcement activities.
The Legal area will provide an understanding of the rules and regulations around information security with an international view to information security, security and privacy.
All the courses will be customize on the basis of the experiences of participants (beginner, intermediate, advanced).
Another service that the Center will provide is the opportunity to create tailored contest to identify potential cyber security expert inside the organizations.
GCSEC will also provide an e-learning system to reach everybody could be interested in improving knowledge.


Masters in Cyber Security of Tecnological District in Cosenza

GCSEC has coordinated three Masters in Cyber Security established in Cyber Security District in Cosenza (DCS).

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Information Security Training Plan for a relevant Italian multiservice company

GCSEC has supported a relevant Italian multiservice company defining a training plan dedicated to internal recourses involved organizational and operational management activities of IT and information security.

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Master on Cyber Security - 2011

According to a study released by Frost & Sullivan, in Europe, Middle East and Africa there will be a need of 1,15 million Cyber Security Experts by 2015. Despite the strong demand, the education programs specific on Cyber Security are...

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